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Environmental Rooms

LTE manufacture industry-leading environmental rooms and stability chambers for the precise control of temperature or temperature/RH.

Environmental chambers/stability rooms replicate climatic conditions which materials, equipment and drugs may be exposed to in even the most demanding of states.

They can also be used as controlled work spaces where temperature and humidity are critical to the process or product being worked on.

Our environmental control solutions satisfy many applications, including pharmaceutical product testing, stability testing, food shelf life testing, packaging trials, large scale incubation, large scale BOD testing.

We have also installed a number of low-dewpoint rooms for preservation, dry chemistry and battery research/production applications

They work to meet the most demanding performance criteria to give you the best results possible.

Environmental rooms and test chambers can be manufactured in varying shapes and range from reach-in cabinets to walk-in rooms, depending on requirements.

We take a consultative approach with every project, starting with a thorough design brief and then ensuring that our solutions fits in perfectly with your operational and site requirements.

See below for key features and popular options

Key Features

Popular Options

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Custom Built
Our Environmental Rooms are completely customisable so regardless of the application we can shape the room to your requirement, customising anything from the size of the room to the temperature variances.
Quality Construct
Like all LTE products our Environmental Rooms are made to the highest standards of quality, our rooms are manufactured from self supporting modular insulated panels, which are 80mm or 100mm thick and are injected with a CFC-free polyurethane foam.
Modular Construction
The modularity of the rooms means that almost any shape or size can be accommodated to meet customer-specific requirements.
Environmental Control
Environmental control will ensure the correct temperature is always maintained within the room. This is operated by a PID controller with the control panel all of which is located on the exterior of the room next to the door.
Available from -20°C to +70°C
Standard parameters range from -20°C to +45°C and 20-90% RH +5%. Rooms operating at +5°C and below tend to have a temperature tolerance of ±3°C. Typical tolerances are ±2°C for temp. and ±5% for RH. These can be brought to within ±1°C and ±3% RH if required.
Temperature Chart Recorder
Local recording of conditions is achieved via the combined controller/graphic recorder, all data will be stored locally and can be extracted for storage on an external device for safe keeping.
Alarms and Protection Circuits
Built in monitors track the environment of the room and in the event of fluctuations beyond the expected tolerances the system will trigger a systems alarm, an audible alarm is also connected to a panic button inside of the room in the event this may be needed.
Internal Lighting
All rooms will be fitted with interior lighting as standard, florescent lighting as standard however we can also provide enhanced lighting systems should your application require them.
Shelving Options
A variety of shelving options can be provided to suit loading requirements and maximise loading efficiency. This ranges from cantilever shelving to different types of racking. For larger rooms island shelving/racking can also be provided to maximise storage space.
Run Standby
Room can be fitted with two chillers with switchover, giving peace of mind in the event one should power down or require maintenance work as the other will run in it's place.
Grade 316 Stainless Steel Interior Finish
Interior of the room can be finished in grade 316 Stainless Steel for additional strength.
FM Approved Panels
Rooms can be fitted with FM approved fire rated panels to help slow the spread of fire should one break out within the room.
We can provide ATEX certified rooms should your application require the use of potentially explosive materials.

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