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As a key supplier to the NHS, PHE and other critical life science sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, LTE is committed to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of its sterilization, decontamination, as well as laboratory thermal equipment including incubators, ovens and drying and solution/blanket warming cabinets.

Our UK production site remains fully operational and can offer some products from stock or on shortened lead times. Our Service Centre is continuing to operate a UK-wide team of engineers to carry out a full range of maintenance, service and testing to UKAS and HTM guidelines on both LTE and non-LTE brands of laboratory autoclaves, porous load sterilizers and washer-disinfectors.

Environmental Chambers

LTE manufacture industry-leading environmental chambers that work to control temperature or temperature/RH.

Environmental chambers replicate climatic conditions which materials, equipment and drugs may be exposed to in even the most demanding of states.

Our environmental chambers are created specifically for pharmaceutical product testing, stability testing, food shelf life testing, packaging trials, large scale incubation and large scale BOD testing. They work to meet the most demanding performance criteria to give you the best results possible.

Temperature control within our environmental chambers is achieved in a number of ways. Rooms operating within the normal ICH Guidelines of +5°C to +40°C temperature and typical humidity levels would typically incorporate a chilled water system. This uses a water/glycol mix to achieve the required temperature controlled conditions. Cold rooms operating below +5°C would be supplied with a mono-block or split DX-type refrigeration system. Run/standby systems are also available and are becoming increasingly popular. These systems ensure continuity of operation during maintenance and service periods.

RH is controlled by a high efficiency ultrasonic nebuliser which provides an efficient means of delivering RH with minimal downtime. These are fed from a tank which is fitted with a timed drain system to ensure there is no standing water in the circuit. All RH system must be fed with a suitable RO or demineralised water supply.

Environmental rooms and test chambers can be manufactured in varying shapes and sizes. LTE’s chambers range from reach-in to walk-in rooms, depending on requirements.

As environmental room manufacturers, we also offer an installation and commissioning service to ensure your environmental chamber is in situ in an efficient time scale.

We take a consultative approach with every project, starting with a thorough design brief and then ensuring that our solutions fits in perfectly with your operational and site requirements.


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