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Range of KEN IQ machines

Laboratory Washer Disinfectors

Multi-Purpose Washer Disinfectors for Laboratory Use

LTE Scientific have partnered with leading Danish company KEN Hygeine to offer the UK Market a wide range of multi-purpose washer disinfectors.

As exclusive UK distributor for KEN Hygiene Systems, LTE are the sole provider of the IQ range of washer disinfectors, suitable for the research and general laboratory sectors.

The IQ range offers exceptional load and wash efficiency, one of the fastest cycle times on the market, low energy consumption and excellent space savings to offer an economically friendly washer offering optimal disinfection standards.

Available in a range of sizes from the benchtop/underbench IQ3 up to the floor standing IQ6 with its large chamber capacity of over 400 Litres. The IQ Series washer-disinfectors are designed to take up minimal floor space and to offer market leading efficiencies in terms of water, power and detergent usage, making them one of the most economical systems available.

Service and Testing

Keeping breakdowns to a minimum and performance to a maximum is vital to critical equipment such as laboratory washer disinfectors. LTE Scientific provide washer disinfector servicing and maintenance; built upon many years of experience as laboratory and medical equipment suppliers.

KEN IQ Washer Disinfector Range


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