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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment from LTE Scientific

LTE Scientific supplies and specialises in the areas of decontamination for healthcare, central sterilization and endoscopy departments. Our product ranges include porous load sterilizers, hydrogen peroxide low temperature sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, endoscope decontamination sinks and endoscope drying/storage cabinets.

For central sterilization departments, LTE manufactures a wide range of high performance porous load steam sterilizers in sizes from 150 to over 1,000 litres. Our Touchclave Systems autoclaves can be configured as single entry or pass-through and be specified to work off plant steam or via integral/stand-alone steam generators. A number of clean steam options are also available.

We are the exclusive UK distributor for the entire range of washer-disinfectors from Danish manufacturer, KEN Hygiene. Their IQ range of washers can accommodate up to 18 DIN, and are economically designed to use minimal water, energy and detergent.

In addition, LTE also exclusively supplies the UK market with Remeda Loading Equipment. Remeda is a Swedish based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of loading systems for autoclaves and washer disinfectors. Remeda systems can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic in operation.

For the dental, surgical and veterinary markets, we supply a range of B Class Mediclave sterilizers in sizes from 18 to 60-litres. Where larger instruments need to be accommodated our Touchclave-R-PL model is perfectly suited and available in sizes from 120 to 160 litres.

We are able to offer a wide range of endoscopy solutions centred around endoscope decontamination and drying/storage. Our height adjustable decontamination sinks are manufactured from stainless steel and used for the first stage of endoscope decontamination.

For the sterilization stage we can provide our customers with Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizers from our Spanish partners Matachana. These low temperature sterilizers have been designed to decontaminate heat sensitive equipment including endoscopes safely.

Following reprocessing, endoscopes can be placed in one of our Scope-Store endoscope cabinets, where they will be dried and stored in accordance to the requirements of EN16442. Our Scope-Store IQ+ range has been validated for storing endoscopes for up to 30 days by Biotech Germande, one of Europe’s leading test houses in the field of endoscopy.

We also offer endoscope cabinets for the storage of ENT scopes.

Our equipment repair service for medical products means all LTE products can be serviced, maintained and validated by LTE Service Centre equipment technicians, or by one of LTE’s network of overseas distributors.



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