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Autoclave Machines and Loading Systems

Multi-Purpose Autoclave Machines & Sterilizers for Laboratory Use

LTE Scientific offers a wide range of multi-purpose lab autoclaves for the research and general laboratory markets including university, research, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and the food and beverage markets. Our sterilizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, either with rectangular or circular chambers and capacities ranging from 23 litres up to 1052 litres, with our Touchclave systems offering a bespoke option up to 10,000 litres.

Numerous options can be fitted to most LTE lab autoclaves to provide enhanced performance, efficiency and functionality, this coupled with our expert advice allows us to provide a solution to any requirement.

All our autoclaves/sterilizers are designed and manufactured here in the UK and as such comply with, and often exceed, the required standards to ensure all our products offer outstanding reliability, performance, longevity and value.

LTE has also partnered with a leading European loading equipment company to provide a complete sterilisation solution. Remeda, based in Sweden specialise in the design and manufacture of loading systems for autoclaves and washer disinfectors.

Remeda systems can be manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic in operation and offer the perfect solution to reducing or completely removing any manual handling of racks and trolleys. This reduces operator risk, creates a better work environment and fits in with the increase in legislation around manual handling. Remeda loading trolleys can be fitted onto LTE and other brands.

Raising the standard

All LTE Autoclaves are built to meet many national and International Standards. Below are some of the applicable standards and codes

UKAS* ISO 17025, ISO 13485 PD5500
BS2646 Pressure Equipment Directive
BS3970* HSE Note PM73
BS6759 (safety valves) EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
97/42/EC Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
HTM 01-01, HTM 01-06 EN61010-1-2001
EN285* EN55011
PM60* EN61000-4

Those standards marked * may require the fitting of options or additional documentation/testing in order to comply.

Service and Testing

Our Autoclaves are designed to operate to high standards of reliability and quality as demanded in the laboratory and medical environments. Our Service Centre employs a highly skilled team of autoclave service engineers and we offer a full after-sales care service including autoclave servicing, testing, validation and breakdown cover. Work can be carried out to UKAS and various CfPP (HTM) protocols and we can service any make or brand.

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