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Scope-Store Endoscope Drying Cabinet V10+

Endoscope Drying, Storage and Decontamination

The Scope-Store range of endoscope storage cabinets from LTE Scientific has been developed after detailed consultation with clinical professionals to provide a variety of endoscope storage solutions.

Each cabinet is EN16442 compliant, having been extensively tested by the internationally renowned test house Biotech Germande.

Uniquely, the Scope-Store range is available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants and can be supplied with fully automatic or manual controls.

There are three main Scope-Store models to suit individual needs. The vertically hanging endoscope storage cabinets allow up to 10 endoscopes to be stored, while the shelved endoscope storage cabinets are suitable for the storage of 10 coiled endoscopes. Scopes can be safely stored in the cabinets for up to 30 days to save on reprocessing costs.

LTE have also designed an endoscope storage cabinet range specifically for ENT Scopes. These are available with automatic or manual controls and  vertical hanging or shelf stored variants.

Service and Testing

The maintenance of medical is critical to ensuring healthcare facilities are compliant when it comes to patient safety and quality assurance. LTE also provide endoscope cabinet servicing and maintenance which will ensure the best performance & efficiency from your endoscope cabinets. We provide full servicing to drying & storage cabinets.

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