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BWD washer disinfector close up

Multipurpose economic washing & disinfection solutions

LTE Scientific, working in collaboration with partners KEN Hygiene have found several versatile and economic solutions for multipurpose cleaning and disinfection, suitable for the health & care sectors.

Due to the ever increasing demands on the health & care sectors to reduce contamination levels including surface contamination, LTE Scientific working with partners KEN Hygiene have found several suitable washers from the KEN range which offer a multifaceted, economic solution, capable of disinfecting a comprehensive range of objects by utilising interchangeable racks and baskets.

The KEN BWD733 bedpan washer offers a a compact design while presenting a moderate loading capacity, this economically friendly washer has a small footprint and is ideal for rooms with limited space, making this perfect for the care sector or small clinics. Originally designed for the cleaning and disinfection of bedpans in small clinics, hospitals, isolation wards and care homes, the BWD733 has since evolved with the introduction of new racks including the Clog Rack which is capable of washing and disinfecting up to 3 pairs of clogs, and specially designed baskets which can be used to wash and disinfect a range of other objects, including glassware and utensils.






The KEN IQ4 is an alternative to the BWD733 for customers requiring a larger load capacity, this washer disinfector offers greater flexibility with its superior range of loading equipment. With a chamber size of 549 x 539 x 615 mm (HWD) the IQ4 has a selection of over 10 racks with 2 to 6 shelves at varying height levels and can hold up to 8 DIN baskets. In addition to this the IQ4 offers a range of separate racks and modules including dental units, nozzle attachments, a support basket for the washing of bowls and a support rack for the washing of up to 6 pairs of clogs per rack.

Both the BWD733 and IQ4 are designed to be eco-friendly with low running costs, using minimal energy and water consumption with low chemical usage. Combined with the interchangeable racks each machine offers and the range of functions available, a single machine could offer the perfect economical solution to surface contamination.


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BWD washer disinfector close up

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