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The 9-Day Fortnight: Enhancing Work-Life Balance at LTE

With the start of 2023, came the start of a new and exciting way of working!

Thanks to the open-door policy at LTE, it became apparent towards the end of 2022 that, with the shift in working patterns and many companies offering more flexible work schedules, a lot of the staff at LTE wanted more flexibility. Management listened and reviewed the many options available including the 4-day week, WFH, and flexi time, which unfortunately aren’t feasible as a manufacturer without ultimately effecting productivity.

So how could we offer greater flexibility and improve staff wellbeing while maintaining or improving efficiencies? The answer – the 9-day fortnight!

Prior to Christmas 2022 all staff operating out of our premises in Greenfield were given the option to trial the 9-day fortnight on an initial 3-month basis. Under this new schedule staff work an extra 30-45 minutes each day over 9 working days to get every other Friday off.

An overwhelming 95% of staff opted into the new schedule and 2 teams were created with Team A and Team B taking alternate Fridays off in 2023 meaning the company can still provide the exceptional service expected, while also enabling our employees to have an extra day off every fortnight to spend time with friends/loved ones, do the weekly shop while its quiet or simply have a rest day.

What does this mean in terms of productivity? Well with an extra 26 non-working Fridays per year we hope it means our employees will benefit from improved mental health and wellbeing.
Happier, healthier employees combined with an earlier start on the 9 working days could result in improved productivity and a greater output of our sterilization, disinfection and decontamination equipment, including our laboratory autoclaves, medical sterilizers, endoscope drying & storage cabinets, plus our wide range of thermal processing equipment including our ovens, incubators, laboratory drying cabinets and more.

In line with ongoing social value initiatives, LTE management are always reviewing ways in which they can help improve employee wellbeing and productivity.
John Lees, Managing Director of LTE said “As a UK manufacturer and SME it is important for us as a company to achieve a good work-life balance for the benefit of our employees, whilst maintaining the excellent levels of satisfaction our customers are used to. We hope the 9-day fortnight will help accomplish this.”

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9-Day Fortnight Image

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