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Reduce Your Electricity Bill

LTE Scientific, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment has just launched its new eco-drying cabinet range for glassware, offering massive energy savings when compared to conventionally constructed glassware drying cabinets.

In tests, the DL100E used only 0.1kWh to get from 22°C to 60°C and then only 0.125kWh thereafter to maintain that temperature. At a constant 75°C the DL100E only used 0.188kWh.

Available in 4 sizes from 100 to 1000-litres, the eco-drying cabinet range is fully insulated on 5 sides and supplied with glass sliding doors or double glazed doors, depending on the model chosen.

Digital temperature control, a 7 day timer and 2-year warranty come as standard on all models.

LTE’s hygienic Sterling anti-bacterial coating is used on all the outer casings, whilst all interiors are manufactured from stainless steel.

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Reduce your electricity bill image

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