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Touchclave-V Cylindrical Chamber Autoclaves

Introducing the new Touchclave-V Series, an economical, cylindrical chambered autoclave range, ideal for the modern laboratory.

The Touchclave-V series offers an economical autoclave solution for installation in laboratories with limited space thanks to their small physical footprint, and are ideal for laboratories which do not have access to a drain or direct water supply.

Touchclave-V autoclaves are top-loading and come in two sizes as standard with capacities of 50 and 80 litres.

There are 2 variants available starting with the Touchclave-V+ with it’s intuitive touchscreen control panel capable of storing up to 10 cycles, which is succeeded by the Touchclave-V+ Dry which has both touchscreen controls and comes with a pre/post vacuum system as standard, providing users with the most versatile option capable of sterilizing most loads.

The Touchclave-V uses submerged heaters within the chamber to generate steam and in-chamber sensors prevent the cycle from starting or continuing if there’s insufficient water in the chamber. Water levels can be topped up and drained manually or automatically (Touchclave-V+ Dry model only).

Complete with built in door safety features to ensure that the cycle cannot start unless the door is properly closed and locked, additionally the door cannot be opened until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and temperature once a cycle has been run.

Capacities: 50 and 80-litres
Chamber: Cylindrical
Loading: Top
Temperatures: 105 – 134°C

Key Features

Popular Options

Economically Priced
Our Touchclave-V autoclaves offer an economical solution for laboratories requiring a simplistic autoclave suited for laboratory applications.
In-Chamber Heating
Submerged heaters within the chamber generate steam. The chamber water can be topped up and drained periodically, either manually or automatically with the Automatic Water Fill and Drain options.
Safety Thermostat
A built in safety thermostat ensures that the heating element can't overheat and will disconnect power to the element in the event there isn't enough water in the chamber or if the heating element starts to overheat.
Compact Design/Small Footprint
The Touchclave-V range has one of the smallest physical footprints of our autoclave ranges, as top-loading models they have been designed to take up minimal floor space.
Internal Data Archiving
Available as standard on the Touchclave V+ and V+ Dry models: This comprises of an internal data storage facility which allows cycle data to be stored.
Pre/Post vacuum system
Only available on the Touchclave V+ Dry model: Provides quicker and more efficient air removal at the start of the cycle, ensuring that steam will penetrate deep into the load and not be affected by trapped air pockets. Can also help speed up the cooling stage.
Auto Water Fill
Only available on the Touchclave V+ Dry model: Ensures that the water in the chamber is fully topped up before commencing the cycle, once the cycle is complete the chamber water is then automatically discharged, saving the operator time and potential spillages from manual fill.
Remote Data Archiving
The Touchclave V+ Dry comes with a USB port as standard allowing users to extract the data stored and view this on a PC.
Thermal Paper Printer
The thermal paper printer will print out all cycle details and operational data as each program progresses, giving the user printed validation that each cycle has completed and that the load has been sterilised successfully.

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