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Touchclave-R Cylindrical Chamber Autoclaves

Ideal for many laboratory sterilization applications, the Touchclave-R cylindrical chamber autoclave range has been designed with flexibility and reliability in mind.

The Touchclave-R range is ideal for installation in laboratories which do not have access to a drain or water supply. Equipped with features and a range of options not normally seen on this type of sterilizer, the Touchclave-R provides unrivalled performance and versatility.

This autoclave machine is available in a range of sizes from our 40 Litre benchtop model up to the 160 Litre floor-standing model, with both front-loading and top-loading variants and complete with castors for easy manoeuvrability.

The Touchclave-R uses submerged heaters within the chamber to generate steam and an in-chamber sensor prevents the cycle from starting or continuing if there’s insufficient water in the chamber. Water levels can be topped up and drained manually or automatically.

Complete with built in safety features including a safety microswitch fitted to the “push-n-seal” door which only allows the sterilizers cycle to start if the door is properly closed and locked, additionally the door cannot be opened until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Capacities: 40, 60, 120 and 160-litres
Chamber: Cylindrical
Loading: Front and Top
Temperatures: 105 – 136°C

Key Features

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316L Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
Our Touchclave-R autoclaves are all made using cylindrical steel pressure vessels, made from 3mm steel and pressed into shape so there are no weld seams which makes them the strongest pressure vessel providing an equal pressure around the whole chamber.
Anti-Bacterial Epoxy Powder Coating
Coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.
In-Chamber Heating
Submerged heaters within the chamber generate steam. The chamber water can be topped up and drained periodically, either manually or automatically with the Automatic Water Fill and Drain options.
8-Program Touchscreen Control System
8 cycles can be stored into the memory as standard, providing a selection of load-specific cycles or giving users the option to develop and edit their own cycle profiles.
Built-in Air Ballast System for Faster Processing of Liquid Loads
Fluid loads, especially sealed containers, normally need to be cooled slowly in order to prevent breakage or volume loss. Air ballast provides an over pressure in the chamber during cooling allowing the fluids to be cooled faster and with a reduced risk of breakage or volume loss.
Load-sensed process timer
A separate temperature probe monitors the chamber temperature and will not allow the cooling cycle to finish until both the chamber and load temperature below the set safe temperature (usually 80 degrees).
Fan Cooling System
The in-built fan cooling system helps to speed up the cooling process once the cycle has finished.
Compact Design/Small Footprint
The Touchclave-R range has one of the smallest physical footprints of our autoclave ranges, they are available as both benchtop models with a 40 Litre capacity or floor standing models of 60-160 Litres, which can be loaded from either the top or the front.
Pre/Post vacuum system
Provides quicker and more efficient air removal at the start of the cycle, ensuring that steam will penetrate deep into the load and not be affected by trapped air pockets. Can also help speed up the cooling stage, as the vacuum can be used to help dissipate heat from the load.
Boosted Heaters
This increases the heating power available to your machine, thus speeding up cycle times and improving the recovery time after negative pulses. Boosted heaters are recommended if the vacuum system is fitted.
Auto Water Fill and Drain
Ensures that the water in the chamber is fully topped up before commencing the cycle, once the cycle is complete the chamber water is then automatically discharged into a floor drain, saving the operator time and potential spillages from manual fill and draining of the chamber.
Internal Data Archiving
This comprises of an internal data storage facility which allows up to 5000 cycles to be stored on a single flash-card. The record of each cycle shows the date, time, batch number, operator identification and all cycle data or failures.
Media Keep Warm Facility
Following completion of a cycle, this optional facility allows the autoclave to keep media warm until removed from the chamber.

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