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Scope-Store SE Endoscope Drying & Storage Cabinets

The Scope-Store SE range of Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinets provide an efficient and cost-effective endoscope storage solution with simple manual controls.

Scope-Store SE models are available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants. The simple control system provides easy operation via buttons which when pushed deliver filtered air to the corresponding channel where a scope is connected.

The Scope-Store SE provides an efficient and cost-effective endoscope storage solution with simple manual controls, available as 5 or 10-scope vertical hanging and 8 or 10-scope shelf loading models.

Endoscopes are subjected to a continual feed of HEPA filtered air which aids in the endoscope drying process and maintains a positive pressure within the cabinet. Scopes are secured by means of a PIN keypad on the door preventing any unauthorised access.

Capacities: 5 or 10-scope vertical hanging and 10-scope shelf loading models.
Control System: Manual
Storage: Vertical Hanging or Shelf Storage
Pass-Through: Available on all models

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Key Features

Popular Options

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Sterling Anti-Bacterial Coating
The Scope-Store range is coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.
Small footprint
Designed to have a small physical footprint the Scope-Store range is available in two styles depending on whether you require vertical hanging or shelf stored.
PIN Keypad
Prevent unauthorised access to your endoscopes with the inbuilt PIN security lock located on the door of the cabinet.
Cost Effective
Endoscopes stored in the open normally have to be re-processed after only 3 hours (BSG guidelines). By storing endoscopes for extended periods in the Scope-Store SE you can greatly improve efficiencies and reduce reprocessing costs.
Vertical Hangers or Shelf Storage
The Scope-Store SE has two models available for the drying and storage of endoscopes. Vertical storage offers up to 10 spaces for the endoscopes to freely hang over a rack or shelf storage offers up to 10 individual shelves.
Double Filtration System
The endoscope channels are regularly purged with 0.2µ sterile air, whilst the exterior surfaces of the endoscope receive a continual feed of HEPA filtered air which constantly flushes the interior of the cabinet and maintains it under positive pressure.
Manual Controls
Each Scope position has a corresponding push-button on the front of the cabinet. Once the scope has been connected, you simply press the push-button, which when lit will deliver filtered air to the channels via its own medical air pump.
LED Internal Lighting
Available on all models, LED interior lighting provides energy efficient illumination for better visibility.
Long Scope Adapter
Suitable for the hanging endoscope cabinet, this adapter will prevent any overhang of the endoscope to prevent any part from touching the cabinet for additional cleanliness.
Manifold Kits
Manifold Kits to connect your endoscopes to the cabinet for air filtration throughout.

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