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Scope-Store+ Endoscope Storage Cabinets

The Scope-Store+ Endoscope Storage Cabinets provide an efficient and highly automated endoscope drying and storage solution.

Designed and developed in consultation with clinical professionals the Scope-Store+ is the most advanced model in our range.

Uniquely the Scope-Store+ is available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants. The intuitive Touchscreen control system provides comprehensive security and monitoring. Various methods of scope identification are possible with Scope-Store+ including on-screen menu, bar code, and RFID providing complete traceability.

The whole range is available in either single entry or pass-through configurations.

Scope-Store+ endoscope storage cabinets have undergone extensive independent operational and microbiological tests to ensure that they meet the operational and safety requirements of BS EN 16442 for storage periods of up to 30 days.

Capacities: 5 and 10-scope vertical hanging models, and 10-scope shelf loading models.
Control System: Touchscreen
Storage: Vertical Hanging or Shelf Storage
Pass-Through: Available on all models

See below for key features and popular options

Key Features

Popular Options

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Sterling Anti-Bacterial Coating
The Scope-Store+ is coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.
Small Footprint
Designed to have a small physical footprint the Scope-Store+ Range is available in two styles depending on whether you require vertical hanging or shelf stored.
Thermal Printer
Fitted as standard with a thermal printer which prints out important information attained from the inbuilt monitoring system pertaining to endoscope storage time and user access.
Internal Data Archiving
All data including entry and removal of each endoscope, how long the scopes have been in storage and which user has accessed the cabinet is stored internally.
Double Filtration System
The endoscope channels are regularly purged with 0.2µ sterile air, whilst the exterior surfaces of the endoscope receive a continual feed of HEPA filtered air which constantly flushes the interior of the cabinet and maintains it under positive pressure.
Touchscreen with PIN Protection
The cabinet is accessed via the touchscreen control panel using an individual PIN code which records the users data for traceability of each endoscope as they are removed and replaced.
Vertical Hangers or Shelf Storage
The Scope-Store+ has two models available for the drying and storage of endoscopes. Vertical storage offers up to 10 spaces for the endoscopes to freely hang over a rack or shelf storage offers up to 10 individual shelves for coiled endoscopes.
LED Internal Lighting
Available on all models, LED interior lighting provides energy efficient illumination for better visibility.
Wide Range of Connector Kits
LTE can provide a wide range of connector kits which allow most brands of endoscopes to be connected to the cabinet, allowing for easy filtration of sterile air through each scope component.
Remote Data Archiving
A remote cycle data archiving facility can be added so that all data, including user data, storage times any fault or alarm conditions, can be downloaded to a PC and permanently recorded.
Barcode Reader
The barcode reader provides a more efficient alternative to the regular method of using the touchscreen panel to add or remove any endoscopes to provide traceability.
Long Scope Adapter
Available for the hanging endoscope cabinet, this adapter will prevent any overhang of the endoscope to prevent any part from touching the cabinet for additional cleanliness.
Temperature & RH Monitoring
Independent temperature monitor which monitors the temperature/RH levels of each cycle and performs a Hi/Lo printout for easy reference. Required for HTM compliance.

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