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Eco-Drying Cabinet – Low Power Consumption

The Eco-Drying Cabinet range provides an Eco-friendly solution to reduce energy usage by up to 50% compared to traditional drying cabinets.

In answer to a growing demand to reduce carbon footprints, LTE Scientific, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of temperature controlled equipment for the life science sector, has developed a new range of sustainable eco-drying cabinets which will significantly reduce power usage (and therefore running costs) when compared to a standard glassware drying cabinet.

Available in both 100 Litre and 180 Litre capacities the cabinets come complete with digital temperature controller and electronic 7-day timer, the Eco-Drying Cabinet range is designed to offer market leading operational efficiencies over standard drying cabinets, yet remain economically priced.

In empty chamber tests, our DL100E used only 0.1kW to heat from ambient 22ºC to 60ºC, and then only 0.125kWh to maintain that temperature.

Capacities: 100 and 180-litres
Temperatures: Up to 85°C

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Key Features

Popular Options

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Energy Savings of at least 50%
The Eco-Drying Cabinet has undergone testing to check energy usage kw/h and has been proven to use very little energy in comparison to standard glassware drying cabinets with energy cost savings of up to at least 50%.
Insulated on 5 Sides
To ensure that the heat within the unit remains consistent the unit has been insulated on 5 sides to prevent heat leaks.
Digital PID Temperature Controls
The digital temperature controller allows the user to set the required temperature and displays the set temperature and current temperature on the display.
Programmable 7-Day Timer
The digital programmable 7-day timer option gives the user the ability to program the Eco Drying Cabinet to turn on and off at set times on set days of the week.
Anti-Bacterial Epoxy Powder Coating
All our Eco-Drying Cabinets are coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.
Additional Shelves
The Eco-Drying Cabinet comes as standard with two shelves and 21 positions in which to locate them, should you require further shelves these can be purchased separately.

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