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Filtered Air Drying Cabinet

Our filtered air drying cabinet has a moderate capacity of 534-litres and comes with fan circulation as standard.

The filtered air cabinet is our mid sized, high end drying cabinet which comes as standard with fan circulation to increase heating speeds and air filtration.

The cabinet is operated via the control panel at the front of the cabinet, the temperature can be set as high as 65°C and the panel has a heater indication light to show that the heating element is on.

Capacities: 534 Litres
Temperatures: Up to 65°C

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Key Features

Popular Options

More Information

Fine Air Inlet Filter
The fine air intake filter on this model reduces the amount of contamination entering the cabinet, thereby ensuring a cleaner environment for freshly washed items.
Fan Circulated
Fan circulation of the heat generated by the heater ensures a constant steady temperature in all areas of the cabinet, also helps heat the cabinet faster than by conventional convection heating.
Anti-Bacterial Epoxy Powder Coating
Coated in anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating which is designed to combat destructive microbes and to protect against the growth and migration of bacteria.
Temperature up to 65°C
Temperatures of up to 65°C are controlled by a digital PID temperature controller mounted on the front control panel. The controller switches the heater elements according to the reading from a temperature sensor mounted to the side of the cabinet interior.
Over Temperature Protection
Users can set the temperature point for the over temperature cut out. Once the set temperature is exceeded the machine will issue a fault and will need to be reset.
Additional Shelves
The Filtered Air Drying Cabinet comes as standard with 3 shelves and 6 positions in which to locate them, should you require further shelves these can be purchased separately.

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