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Swallow – Large Capacity Laboratory Ovens

LTE’s large capacity Swallow ovens offer precise control and are designed to meet the ever increasing demands of the modern laboratory and process facility.

Using the latest in microprocessor technology our Swallow laboratory ovens are simple to operate and are controlled by means of a microprocessor system with digital displays of temperature and process time, offering precise temperature control, fast heat-up times and almost undetectable overshoot.

All models allow any temperature within the range to be selected, process times and delayed starts can also be programmed if needed. In addition the processor allows up to three time/temperature profiles to be programmed within one cycle, where combinations of time and temperature are required.

All Swallow models have stainless steel work chambers with fan circulated heat and meet fully with the requirements of IEC 1010-2-010 Class 2.

Capacities: 480, 750 and 1000 Litres
Temperatures: From 40°C to 250°C

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Key Features

Popular Options

More Information

Touchpad Microprocessor Control System
The microprocessor control system allows users to accurately control the temperature via the touchpad located beneath the digital display which displays the set and current temperatures.
Class 2 Over-Temperature Protection
As an extra safety measure the unit has a built in over-temperature safety cut-out, to utilise this the user will designate a safe temperature point via the control panel, if the machine then exceeds this temperature the machine will cut-out and alert the user.
Fan Circulated
Fan circulation of the heat generated by the heater ensures a constant steady temperature in all areas of the cabinet, also helps heat the cabinet faster than by conventional convection heating.
Additional Shelves
Swallow Ovens come as standard with 3 shelves and up to 23 positions in which to place them, should you require further shelves these can be purchased separately.
Access Port
The access port allows for thermocouples to be fed into chamber. Can be fitted to the left, top or back panels and is positioned in the centre of the panel.
RS232 Communication Port
An RS232 communication port can be fitted to the unit, this will allow for connection to a computer to allow for information transfer between devices.

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