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As a key supplier to the NHS, PHE and other critical life science sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, LTE is committed to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of its sterilization, decontamination, as well as laboratory thermal equipment including incubators, ovens and drying and solution/blanket warming cabinets.

Our UK production site remains fully operational and can offer some products from stock or on shortened lead times. Our Service Centre is continuing to operate a UK-wide team of engineers to carry out a full range of maintenance, service and testing to UKAS and HTM guidelines on both LTE and non-LTE brands of laboratory autoclaves, porous load sterilizers and washer-disinfectors.

Mediclave Class B, S and N Autoclaves

Mediclave Class B, S and N Autoclaves

Mediclave is a versatile and comprehensively equipped range of small capacity sterilizers, specifically geared to the dental, chiropody, surgical, and veterinary markets.

Available in B, S and N variants, Mediclave incorporates a number of features designed to optimize performance and reliability;

Capacities: 6, 18 and 23-litres
Classes available: B, S and N


Key Features

  • Separate steam generators (exc Light models)
  • Fast cycle times
  • Stainless steel chambers
  • Motorised door locking system (exc Light models)
  • High efficiency vacuum pumps on B and S Class models
  • Easy to use microprocessor control systems
  • Built-in fill and drain tanks (exc Light models)
  • Built in printer (exc Light models)
  • External comms options

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