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As a key supplier to the NHS, PHE and other critical life science sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, LTE is committed to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of its sterilization, decontamination, as well as laboratory thermal equipment including incubators, ovens and drying and solution/blanket warming cabinets.

Our UK production site remains fully operational and can offer some products from stock or on shortened lead times. Our Service Centre is continuing to operate a UK-wide team of engineers to carry out a full range of maintenance, service and testing to UKAS and HTM guidelines on both LTE and non-LTE brands of laboratory autoclaves, porous load sterilizers and washer-disinfectors.

LD2000 Trolley Washers

LD2000 Trolley Washers are designed for large scale washing and disinfection in CSSD’s

LTE have partnered with Spanish manufacturer Matachana to exclusively supply their range of LD2000 trolley washers to the UK market.

Available in two sizes the LD2000 standard model has a chamber depth of 2.2 metres while the LD2000 Compact is slightly smaller at 1.3 metres.

LD2000 Washers offer a versatile washing solution for large scale operations, providing maximum load flexibility with a range of trolleys suitable for containers, instruments and even clogs.

Chamber Dimensions: LD2000 970 x 1875 x 2200mm (W,H,D), LD2000 Compact 970 x 1875 x 1300mm (W,H,D)
Pass-Through: Both models
DIN Baskets Capacity: 36 Baskets
Chamber Section: Rectangular

See below for key features and popular options

Key Features

Popular Options

316L Stainless Steel Chamber
Both the chamber and washing circuits are made of the highest quality AISI 316L stainless steel.
By optimizing the circuits the flows, energy and water consumption have also been reduced. Cycle time has also been minimized. The reduction of water usage results in a lower consumption of chemicals, which in turn reduces environmental waste.
Touchscreen Control Panel
10" Touch screen panel fully integrated into the front panel next to the door, easy to use interface with simple cycle selection options.
Automatic Sliding Doors
Automatic sliding, double glass doors with High Shock Thermic treatment fitted as standard.
Low Water Consumption
Designed to be as economically friendly as possible, to help with this the machines consume very little water per cycle saving the economy and saving you money.
Low Chemical Usage
Due to the low water consumption the LD2000 also uses less chemicals per wash providing less wastage and greater cost savings.
Low Noise Levels
The LD2000 range operates at less than 70dBA to provide a better work environment for the operator.
Twin Water Intake
Comes as standard with two water intakes, one for decalcified water and one for demineralized water.
Air HEPA Filter
HEPA filtered air flushes the chamber maintaining a positive pressure throughout the drying phase.
Double LED Interior Lighting
Chamber is illuminated by double LED lighting offering greater visibility and energy efficiency.
Thermal Printer
The LD2000 can be fitted with a thermal printer to record all cycle data for validation.
XML Server Connection
XML Server connectivity is available to access the washer remotely via a PC. This allows users to easily access and collate process-information and cycle logs remotely.
HEPA Pressure Monitor
Differential pressure monitoring can be fitted to the HEPA drying filter to monitor and maintain a constant positive value.
Maximum Load Flexibility
Versatile loading systems optimize the loading of different materials that normally need to be washed in different trolleys.

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