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New Mediclave Class B Medical Sterilizers

The all new Mediclave is a versatile and comprehensively equipped small capacity sterilizer, specifically geared to the dental, chiropody, surgical, and veterinary markets.

The Mediclave medical autoclave is a Class B sterilizer that incorporates a number of features designed to optimise performance and reliability, available in 18 and 23 Litres capacities.

With its small footprint the Mediclave autoclave machine is ideal for Benchtop sterilisation and particularly for areas with limited space. Complete with a flexible control panel offering pre-set and user configurable cycles and fast processing times, the Mediclave offers an affordable solution for low to moderate levels of sterilisation.

Fully compliant with all current directives including:
• Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC
• Small Steam Sterilizers Directive EN13060
• Pressure Vessel Directive 2014/68/UE
• CEI Directives EN 61326-1, EN 61010-1 and EN 61010-2-40.

Autoclave Capacities: 18 and 23 litres
Classes Available: B Class
Loading: Front
Temperatures: 121 – 134°C

Key Features

Popular Options

Separate Steam Generator
Steam is generated quickly, helping to reduce overall cycle times. There are no heaters in the bottom of the chamber ensuring that the chamber is clean and unencumbered at all times. This in turn helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
304L Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel
All Mediclave autoclaves are constructed with a one-piece cylindrical steel pressure vessel, made from high grade 304L stainless steel making these the strongest pressure vessel by providing equal pressure around the whole chamber.
Vacuum Pump
Our B Class Mediclaves are fitted with vacuum pumps to aid with air removal, ensuring that the steam can penetrate deep into the load and not be effected by air pockets. Vacuum also assists with the cooling phase by helping to dissipate heat from the load.
Flexible Control System
A range of pre-set and user configurable cycles are available onto each model. All cycle data, status and messages are clearly displayed on an LCD screen. An audible alarm will alert you to any cycle abnormality.
Fill and Drain Tanks
Mediclave autoclaves are fitted with integral clean water and waste tanks. Each tank has sensors to alert you when empty or full. Both tanks have quick connections for easy filling and draining, and they can, if desired be permanently connected to a water supply and drain.
Water Demineralisation System
The high quality of water is essential for the smooth and reliable operation of all medical autoclaves. LTE can provide a number of solutions to ensure a constant supply of demineralised water either just for your sterilizer, or indeed for other equipment within the practice.
Can be fitted with a printer allowing each cycles parameters to be printed out to ensure all parameters have been met and the cycle has completed successfully.
Bowie Dick Test
The Bowie Dick Test is used to verify that steam is fully penetrating a porous load for complete sterilisation. The Mediclave autoclave has a cycle specifically designed for the Bowie Dick test.
Helix Test Kit
The Helix Test is used to verify that steam is fully penetrating a hollow load, by using a long narrow tube with an indicator on the end which changes colour to verify the level of steam penetration. The Mediclave has a cycle specifically designed for the Helix test.
Spore Test Kit
Spore tests, otherwise known as biological indicator tests, will test whether highly resistant strains of bacterial spores survive the sterilisation process by introducing these spores into the autoclave on the test kit to be sterilised.

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