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Touchclave-V Cylindrical Chamber Autoclave

LTE Launch new laboratory autoclaves, the economical Touchclave-V series

LTE Scientific are delighted to announce the launch of its latest line, the Touchclave-V series of laboratory autoclaves.

The Touchclave-V series offer a cost-effective solution capable of processing most laboratory applications. Designed with simplicity in mind the Touchclave-V range come in 2 standard sizes of 50 and 80-litre capacities. The range consists of 3 models with each offering more expediency allowing for a greater range of applications to be processed.

All models sterilize using an in-chamber heater to generate steam and operate between temperatures of 115°C to 134°C with the V+ Dry having a range of 105-134°C. Our most economical model the Touchclave-V has a simple button configurable control panel allowing users to set their required temperature/times before starting their cycle. The second model, the Touchclave-V+ has a more advanced control panel with touchscreen controls and the ability to store up to 10 cycles for ease of use, this also has the facility to store cycle data. The most advanced model the Touchclave-V+ Dry comes with the touchscreen control panel, internal data archiving and USB connection for data extraction, plus built-in vacuum allowing for the processing of more load types where effective air removal and drying are important.

Initially launched in our export markets over a year ago, the Touchclave-V has proven to be a popular and reliable choice for many of our customers.
Following extensive market research in the UK, along with comprehensive and successful trials with a leading research facility in London, we believe that there is a strong domestic market for the Touchclave-V range.
The facility commented “The unit runs smoothly and operates quietly; we like that the unit is user friendly and easy to operate and we are impressed with how the autoclave has performed so far.” The facility is now looking to purchase many more of these machines and following this success we are now thrilled to be launching the Touchclave-V range officially for both national and international sales.

The Touchclave-V Series is available now and you can find more information about this on our webpage here or by contacting us at

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Touchclave-V Cylindrical Chamber Autoclave

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