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Touchclave – PL Series Porous Load Steam Sterilizers

Touchclave 450L Porous Load Steam SterilizerDeveloped to satisfy a growing demand for smaller capacity, full specification porous load sterilizers, LTE Scientific have introduced the Touchclave-PL range, which has a unique combination of features to assist the operator and improve efficiency:

Rectangular Chamber – Made from 316L grade stainless steel. Fully compliant with the European pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC. Independently certified to PD5500:2000 Cat. 3. The chamber is fully insulated.

Touchscreen Control System

This system is the standard operating platform across the whole LTE autoclave range. It incorporates a state-of-the-art touch-sensitive screen. Using a series of on-screen prompts and icons, the system is both versatile and simple to use. See below for further details.

Integral Steam Generator

A high performance stainless steel steam generator is fitted under the chamber which delivers steam quickly and effectively to the chamber and load, minimising re-heat times between negative pulsing and speeding up cycle times.

Vacuum System – Our vacuum system incorporates an efficient liquid ring pump capable of delivering vacuum levels below 50mbarA, ensuring effective air removal and fast drying.

Steam Jacket

Drying of the load is achieved by means of combination of vacuum and heat. A fully insulated stainless steel steam jacket is provided as standard which effectively heats the chamber and load during the vacuum drying stage, dissipating any remaining moisture and ensuring a dry load at the end of the cycle.

Air Detector

This is a standard feature for this application. The air detector samples the steam at all times during the cycle ensuring that any air leaks or non-condensable gases carried over with the steam supply are immediately detected.

Three rectangular chamber sizes are offered: 150, 200 and 300 litres, all of which are front loading. Additionally, the 300-litre model is also available as a pass-through variant. All models are moved on castors and (with the exception of the pass-through model) will fit through a standard door.



(h x w x d, mm)

Model/Cat no. Ice capacity


Data-Printer, thermal paper


Tractor-feed printer (Epson)


Remote data archiving (PC to be supplied by others)


Modern Link


Volt-free contacts


Independent 2-pen chart recorder


Independent 3-pen chart recorder


Independent paperless chart recorder


Loading/carriage trolley- 150-litre models


Loading/carriage trolley- 200-litre models


Loading/carriage trolley- 300-litre models


Additional carriage trolley- 300 litre pass-through model


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