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Scope-Store+ Endoscope Storage Cabinets

The Scope-Store+ range of cabinets from LTE Scientific has been developed after detailed consultation with clinical professionals to provide a variety of endoscope storage solutions. Uniquely, the ScopeStore range is available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants.endoscope

Designed and independently tested to exceed the requirements of BS EN 16442, Scope-Store + provides enhanced control and traceability, with validation data allowing endoscopes to be stored for up to 30 days.


Double Filtration System

The endoscope channels are regularly purged with 0.2µ sterile air, whilst the exterior surfaces of the endoscope receive a continual feed of HEPA filtered air which constantly flushes the interior of the cabinet and maintains it under positive pressure. These conditions inhibit the growth of such micro-organisms as Pseudomonas sp. and Acineterbacter sp., so that endoscopes can be stored for up to 30 days. The internal fan and compressor are included, thus removing the need to connect to site air supplies. As a further protection against cross-contamination, the Scope-Store + cabinet is finished with LTE’s ‘Sterling’ Antibacterial epoxy powder coating both inside and outside.


Touchscreen Controls

The Scope-Store + has an easy-to-use touchscreen control system. The menu-based interface allows details of each user and endoscope to be recorded easily, with relevant data being clearly displayed.


Scope Identification

The identity of the scope and its location in the cabinet must be recorded on the touchscreen before purging can begin. When the endoscope is removed, the scope is logged out via the touchscreen. This procedure allows the endoscope to be fully traceable. Alternatively endoscopes can be scanned in and out of the cabinet using our barcode reader option.


Security, Monitoring and Traceability

Controlled access is one of the many features of the Scope-Store +. A door interlock prevents anyone without a relevant PIN or barcode from gaining access to the cabinet. Each entry and exit of the endoscope is recorded and attributed to the relevant user. The elapsed storage time of each endoscope is constantly displayed as a simple bar graph on the touchscreen. As each endoscope approaches its maximum storage period (which can be set up to 30 days) the relevant bar graph will change colour, thus alerting staff to the condition. After the maximum storage time has been exceeded, the bar graph turns red and the cabinet will highlight an alarm. The airflow through each scope is constantly monitored. The monitoring system provides the clinician with a full picture of each endoscope’s storage cycle. All data is recorded on a printer and also stored on an internal archive, which are standard features on all Scope-Store + models. As an option, data can be stored on a PC via an independent monitoring system. LTE Scope-Stores can also link with various track and trace systems.


Cost Effective

Endoscopes stored in the open normally have to be re-processed after only 3 hours (BSG guidelines). Thus the ability to store endoscopes for up to 30 days in the Scope-Store + will greatly improve efficiency and reduce reprocessing costs.


Independently Tested

Scope-Store+ has undergone extensive independent operational and microbiological tests to ensure that it meets the operational and safety requirements of BS EN 16442.


Technical & Ordering Information



Model Scope-Store V5 Scope-Score V10 Scope-Score S10
Catalogue No. ED/SST/V5 ED/SST/V10 ED/SST/S10
Scope Capacity 5 10 (2 compartments) 10
Scope Arrangement Vertical Hangers Vertical Hangers Shelf Loaded
Internal Dims, HWD, mm 1675 x 665 x 450 1675 x 665 x 450 (per compartment) 1675 x 555 x 515
External Dims, HWD, mm 1925 x 1010 x 535 1925 x 1730 x 535 1925 x 900 x 605
Hanger Details Scope holders with pull-out hanging rails  Scope holders with pull-out hanging rails N/A
Shelf Details N/A N/A Slide-out stainless steel shelves

Including stainless steel baskets

Shelf Details N/A N/A Swing-out shelves with ‘Sterling’ anti-bacterial coating.

Including stainless steel baskets.

Control System Colour touchscreen with individual pin protection Colour touchscreen with individual pin protection Colour touchscreen with individual pin protection
Printer Thermal Printer included Thermal Printer included Thermal Printer included
Internal Data Archiving Included Included Included
Internal Lighting Included Included Included
Glass Door Panel Included Included Included
Air Delivery System HEPA filtered air through chamber and internal endoscope channels.

Fan and compressor included.

HEPA filtered air through chamber and internal endoscope channels.

Fan and compressor included.

HEPA filtered air through chamber and internal endoscope channels.

Fan and compressor included.


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