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sterilisation and manual handling solution

Complete Sterilisation and Manual Handling Solution for New ‘Super Centre’ in Liverpool

LTE Scientific have recently installed a suite of 4 x 42cu.ft.(1275-litres) porous load sterilisers along with a semi-automatic loading and fully automatic unloading system for a new sterilisation ‘super-centre’ at Broadgreen Hospital, Liverpool.

Due to the space constraints within the sterilisation area, and the need maximise throughput, LTE, working in conjunction with the CSSD Manager and their team, designed a suite of 4 sterilizers and loading/unloading equipment to optimise the productivity of the available area.

The new system will reduce the manual handling of medical equipment by up to 80%, making loading and unloading processes much more efficient, reducing the number of staff needed to permanently work in the area and also reducing any potential risks of contamination or injuries through manual handling.

The medical equipment installed at the new super-centre consists of 4 x 42 cubic-ft sterilizers (1,275 litres capacity each). On starting a cycle process, the autoclave load is transferred into the chamber by the semi-automatic loader. At the end of a cycle, the LTE control system links to the NeQis IMS and IPR system for verification. Once the operator releases the load, the fully-automatic unloader will travel to the autoclave in question, unload the racks and then transfer to one of eight cooling stations before returning to its hold position. The cooling racks are then unloaded onto transfer trolleys at the push of button.

In addition, a number of sliding door transfer hatches have been installed to transfer the loading racks in and out of the IAP.

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sterilisation and manual handling solution

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