Touchclave System - PL Rectangular Autoclaves

LTE Touchclave Systems Rectangular Autoclaves provide medium to large capacity sterilization solutions for CSSD/HSDU.

Our range of porous load rectangular chambered sterilizers are available in six standard sizes and 326 to 1052 litres. Larger sized units up to 10,000 litres can also be provided.

All models can be configured for either single entry or pass-through. All Touchclave Systems models are fitted with a wide selection of features as standard, all designed to ensure optimum performance and the fastest possible cycle times.

In addition to traditional loading trolley systems, LTE is also able to provide assisted and automated loading solutions.

Capacities: 326, 435, 545, 636, 796 and 1052-litres plus bespoke sizes
Pass-Through: Available throughout range
Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Heating Source: Integral/stand-alone steam generator or direct steam supply

Standard Features:

  • Automatic sliding doors with safety edge and auto-reverse system.
  • Pre/post vacuum system
  • Air detector
  • Steam jacket for optimum drying performance
  • 8-program user-friendly touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  • Thermal data printer
  • E-Stop
  • Clean steam options


Popular options:

  • Loading/Carriage Trolleys
  • Stainless steel pipework
  • Independent monitoring
  • Air Compressor
  • RO water system
  • Remote data archiving


  • Touchclave Systems    

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Touchclave Systems - MP Autoclaves

Select Model Quantity
Single Entry Models
UCF10 Chamber Size - 326/11 (litres/cu.ft)
SCF10 Chamber Size - 326/11 (litres/cu.ft)
UCF15 Chamber Size - 435/15 (litres/cu.ft)
SCF15 Chamber Size - 435/15 (litres/cu.ft)
UCF20 Chamber Size - 545/20 (litres/cu.ft)
SCF21 Chamber Size - 636/21 (litres/cu.ft)
SCF28 Chamber Size - 796/28 (litres/cu.ft)
SCF36 Chamber Size - 1052/36 (litres/cu.ft)
Pass-Through (dual door) Models
2UCF10 Chamber Size - 326/11 (litres/cu.ft)
2SCF10 Chamber Size - 326/11 (litres/cu.ft)
2UCF15 Chamber Size - 435/15 (litres/cu.ft)
2SCF15 Chamber Size - 435/15 (litres/cu.ft)
2UCF20 Chamber Size - 545/20 (litres/cu.ft)
2SCF21 Chamber Size - 636/21 (litres/cu.ft)
2SCF28 Chamber Size - 796/28 (litres/cu.ft)
2SCF36 Chamber Size - 1052/36 (litres/cu.ft)

Option & Accessories

CT1 Carriage Trolley – Epoxy coated, white – for all models up to 636 litres
LT1 Loading Trolley – Stainless steel. Base plus one shelf – for all models up to 636 litres
CT2 Carriage Trolley – Epoxy coated, white – for all models from 636 to 1052 litres
LT2 Loading Trolley – Stainless steel. Base plus one shelf – for all models from 636 to 1052 litres
SH1 Additional shelves for LT1 – stainless steel
SH2 Additional shelves for LT2 – stainless steel
DB Discard box (HTM2010) – 250 x 305 x 305mm HWD
CD Clamping door mechanism – per side
POL Polished chamber to 0.63µm
SIDE Side panels – all models
AC3 Air compressor
RG Repeater gauge set for plant room
SPF Bio Seal
MBS Manual blowdown separator
ABS Automatic blowdown separator
SG36 36kw steam generator
SG45 45kw steam generator
SG55 55kw steam generator
SG70 70kw steam generator
3CR 3-pen chart recorder
PCR Graphic recorder (various connectivity options)
RDA Remote data archiving – includes software and 10m cable. Excludes PC
MOD Modem link
DTC Dual touchscreens (for pass-through models) – allows operation from both sides
BCO Barcode reader and software


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