Touchclave - R/PL Series Cylindrical Autoclave

The Touchclave-R/PL range of porous load, cylindrical autoclave sterilizers have been designed to offer a high specification as standard.

It offers superb operational flexibility and is ideal for veterinary applications.

Capacities: 60, 120 and 160 litres

Steam Generation Options: Integral electric steam generator, direct steam

Vessel Type: Cylindrical, front loading

Air detector: No

Applications: Unwrapped instruments, wrapped instrument, hollows, porous loads


  • Touchclave-Lab R/PL Series

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Touchclave-R/PL Autoclaves

Select Model Quantity
TCR/60/PL Touchclave-R/PL Series 60 Litres
TCR/120/PL Touchclave-R/PL Series 120 Litres
Touchclave-R/PL Series 160 Litres

Option & Accessories

TC/TDP/02 Thermal data printer
TC/IDA/01 Internal data archiving
TC/MOD/01 Modem link


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