Touchclave - PL Series Rectangular Autoclave Sterilizers

Designed for smaller CSSD’s, The Touchclave-PL is LTE’s mid-sized rectangular chambered porous load autoclaves.

Designed with a rectangular chamber and vertical sliding door, Touchclave-PL models offer maximum loading effiecincy and a high level of standard features and unrivalled versatility.

Capacities: 150, 200, 300, 360 and 450-litres
Pass-Through: Available on 300, 360 and 450-litre models
Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Heating Source: Integral steam generator or direct steam supply

Standard Features:

  • 8-program touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  • Pre-post vacuum system
  • Steam jacket for optimum drying
  • Air detector
  • Exhaust condensate
  • Vertical sliding door
  • Pneumatically operated door lock and sealing system
  • Integral silent air compressor


Popular options:

  • Printer
  • Powered door
  • Loading/Carriage trolley
  • Independent monitoring


New in 2014 - Automatic Power-Door Option.LTE Automatic Powerdoor Autoclave


To further enhance the popular Touchclave-PL range, all models can now be supplied with a fully automatic power-door option. Contact our Sales Office on +44 (0)1457 876221 for further details and pricing




  • Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series    

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Touchclave-PL Autoclave Sterilizer

Select Model Quantity
PL/150/KE Touchclave-PL Series 150 Litres - Integral Steam Generator
PL/150/KS Touchclave-PL Series 150 Litres - Direct Steam Supply
Touchclave-PL Series 200 Litres - Integral Steam Generator
PL/200/KS Touchclave-PL Series 200 Litres - Direct Steam Supply
PL/300/KE Touchclave-PL Series 300 Litres - Integral Steam Generator
PL/300/KS Touchclave-PL Series 300 Litres - Direct Steam Supply
TC/360/F Touchclave-PL Series 360 Litres - In Chamber Steam Generation
TC/360/KE Touchclave-PL Series 360 Litres - Integral Steam Generator
TC/360/KS Touchclave-PL Series 360 Litres - Direct Steam Supply
TC/450/F Touchclave-PL Series 450 Litres - In Chamber Steam Generation
TC/450/KE Touchclave-PL Series 450 Litres - Integral Steam Generator
TC/450/KS Touchclave-PL Series 450 Litres - Direct Steam Supply

Option & Accessories

TC/TDP/01 Data-Printer, thermal paper
TC/TFP/01 Tractor-feed printer (Epson)
TC/RDA/01 Remote data archiving (PC to be supplied by others)
TC/MOD/01 Modem Link
TC/VFC/01 Volt-free contacts
TC/CR2/01 Independent 2-pen chart recorder
TC/CR3/01 Independent 3-pen chart recorder
TC/PCR/01 Independent paperless chart recorder
TC/LCT/01 Loading/carriage trolley - 150-litre models
TC/LCT/02 Loading/carriage trolley - 200-litre models
TC/LCT/03 Loading/carriage trolley - 300-litre models


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