Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series Rectangular Autoclave

Designed with a rectangular chamber and vertical sliding door, Touchclave-F models offer maximum loading effiecincy and a high level of standard features at a more affordable price.

Touchclave-F models can be installed where mains water and drainage may not be readily available.

Capacities: 150, 200, 300, 360 and 450-litres
Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front
Heating Source: In-chamber elements

Standard Features:

  • 8-program touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving for up to 5000 cycles
  • Water conservation system
  • Exhaust condensate
  • Vertical sliding door
  • Pneumatically operated door lock and sealing system
  • Load sensed process timer
  • Powerful fan cooling
  • Integral silent air compressor


Popular options:

  • Printer
  • Cat.3 effluent retention
  • Water cooled jacket
  • Pre/post vacuum
  • Media keep warm
  • Air Ballast
  • Powered door


  • Touchclave Lab F Series

  • Touchclave Lab F Series


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Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series Autoclave

Select Model Quantity
TC/150/F Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series 150 Litres
TC/200/F Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series 200 Litres
TC/300/F Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series 300 Litres
TC/360/F Touchclave-Lab'F' Series 360 Litre
TC/450/F Touchclave-Lab 'F' Series 450 Litre

Option & Accessories

TC/TDP/01 Thermal data printer
TC/INK/01 Ink data printer
TC/RDA/01 Remote data archiving with RS232 connection (PC to be supplied by others)*
TC/RDA/02 Remote data archiving with RS485 connection (PC to be supplied by others)*
TC/ADD/01 Automatic drain for chamber water * (F Models fitted with Standard Plus option only)
TC/FIL/01 Cat. 3 effluent retention upgrade (including 0.2micron exhaust filter)*
TC/KWF/01 Media keep warm facility * (F Models only)
TC/AIR/01 Air Ballast (using customers compressed air supply)
TC/AIR/02 Air Ballast (with uprated internal air compressor and receiver)
TC/AFP/01 Upgrade of standard probe to armour-flex probe
TC/MEM/01 Increased Cycle Memory (20 programs)*
TC/MOD/01 Modem Link*
TC/CSG/K1 Constant standby steam generator for non-vacuum KE150*
TC/CSG/K2 Constant standby steam generator for non-vacuum KE200*
TC/KSG/K3 Constant standby steam generator for non-vacuum KE300*
TC/VOL/ Conversion to 60Hz electrical supply (non-vacuum models)* - Add 05 for K models and 03 for F models
TC/VOL/ Conversion to 60hz electrical supply (vacuum models)* - Add 06 for K models and 04 for F models
TC/ROG/01 Modified steam generator for RO/De-mineralised water feed* (KE Models only)
TC/SSP/02 Stainless steel primary pipework (orbitally welded, tri-clover fittings)*
TC/PAS/01 Pass-through chamber *(K300 models only)
TC/MOR/01 Morrison discard box size 1 (230 x 430 x 230mm HWD)
TC/MOR/02 Morrison discard box size 2 (230 x 430 x 315mm HWD)
TC/BAS/01 Basket size 1 (230 x 430 x 230mm HWD)
TC/BAS/02 Basket size 2 (230 x 430 x 315mm HWD)


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