Scope-Store SE Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Scope-Store SE is LTE’s manually controlled endoscope drying and storage cabinet, providing effective air flow through both the cabinet and endoscope.

Each scope position is equipped with an individual air pump which is manually turned on and off. Uniquely, Scope-Store SE is available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants. The whole range is available in either single entry or pass-through configurations.

Capacities: 5 and 10-scope vertical hanging models, and 8-scope shelf loading models.
Controls: Manual

Standard Features:

  • Microbiologically tested over 72hrs
  • Manually controlled
  • Dual filtration system
  • Individual air supply pumps to each scope
  • Keypad door lock
  • Fully self contained – no need for external air supply
  • Low power usage
  • Singe entry and pass-through models

  • Endoscope Storage Cabinet - Scope Store SE     

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Scope-Store SE

Select Model Quantity
ED/SST/SEV5 Scope-Store SE V5
ED/SST/SEV10 Scope-Store SE V10
ED/SST/SES8 Scope-Store SE S8

Options & Accessories

ED/CON/01 Scope connector kit (5 scopes) - 7.5m tubing, 5 x fixings, 20 x Y-adapters
ED/CON/02 Scope connector kit (8 scopes) - 12m tubing, 8 x fixings, 32 x Y-adapters
ED/CON/03 Scope connector kit (10 scopes) - 15m tubing, 10 x fittings, 40 Y-adapters
ED/MAN/01 6-port manifold block for scope connection to air supply
ED/SNK/01 Frame to prevent longer scopes from touching base tray
ED/FLR/01 Fluorescent lighting for single compartment models
ED/FLR/02 Fluorescent lighting for double compartment model


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