Scope Store PT+ Endoscope Storage Cabinet

Pass-Through Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinets

The Scope-Store PT+ is the new pass-through range of endoscope drying and storage cabinets from LTE Scientific and further enhances the popular Scope-Store family of products.

They are available as either 5 or 10-scope vertical hanging or 8-scope shelf loaded variants.

Scope-Store PT+ is designed to be installed through a wall between the clean and dirty areas of endoscope reprocessing suites. The interlocked doors ensure the correct flow of scopes and prevent both doors from being opened at the same time.

PT+ operates in the same way as our Scope-Store + models.

Scope-Store PT+ incorporates the latest in touchscreen technology on both sides of the cabinet which allows for unparalleled security and monitoring of scope conditions and cycle status.

A printer is situated on the ‘unload’ side. There is an option to also store cycle data on an internal flashcard or download to an external PC.

  • Pass Through Endoscope Cabinet from LTE
  • Pass Through Endoscope Cabinet from LTE     

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Scope-Store SE

Select Model Quantity
ED/SST/2V5 Scope-Store V5 PT+
ED/SST/2V10 Scope-Store V10 PT+
ED/SST/2S8 Scope-Store S8 PT+

Options & Accessories

ED/IDA/01 Internal data archiving (upto 5000 scope cycles)
ED/RDA/01 Remote Data Archiving to remote PC (PC not included)
ED/BAR/02 2 x Bar code readers plus software (excluding tags)
ED/NET/01 Scope-Store NET software for linking to external tracking system
ED/TRH/01 Temperature/RH monitoring with Hi/Lo printout
ED/PDG/01 Pressure-drop gauge across main HEPA fi lter
ED/SNK/01 Adaptor to prevent longer scopes from touching cabinet base


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