Scope Store + Endoscope Storage Cabinet

The Scope-Store+ range of endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinets has been designed in consultation with clinical professionals to provide an efficient and highly automated solution.

Uniquely, Scope-Store+ is available in both vertical hanging and shelf loaded variants. The intuitive Touchscreen control system provides comprehensive security, monitoring, and traceability. Various methods of scope ID are possible with Scope-Store+ including on-screen menu, bar code, and RFID.

The whole range is available in either single entry or pass-through configurations.

Capacities: 5 and 10-scope vertical hanging models, and 8-scope shelf loading models.
Control System: Touchscreen

Standard Features:

  • Validated for up to 30 days storage
  • Touchscreen control system
  • Various scope ID options
  • Various data archiving options
  • Full user ID
  • Complete traceability
  • Comprehensive watchdog system
  • Unique air delivery system
  • Double filtration
  • Fully self contained – no need for external air supply
  • Low power usage
  • Singe entry and pass-through models


  • Scope Store Plus Endoscope Storage Cabinet

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Scope-Store +

Select Model Quantity
ED/SST/V5 Scope-Store V5
ED/SST/V10 Scope-Store V10
ED/SST/S8 Scope-Store S8

Options & Accessories

ED/IDA/01 Internal data archiving (up to 5000 scope cycles)
ED/RDA/01 Remote data archiving to remote PC (PC not included)
ED/NET/01 Scope-Store/Net software for linking to other tracking system
ED/IMP/01 Impact printer to replace thermal printer
ED/BAR/01 Bar code reader plus software (excluding tags)
ED/CON/01 Scope connector kit (5 scopes) - 7.5m tubing, 5 x fittings, 20 x Y-adapters
ED/CON/02 Scope connector kit (8 scopes) - 12m tubing, 8 x fittings, 32 x Y-adapters
ED/CON/03 Scope connector kit (10 scopes) - 15m tubing, 10 x fittings, 40 x Y-adapters
ED/MAN/01 6-port manifold block for scope connection to air supply
ED/SNK/01 Frame to prevent longer scopes from touching base tray


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