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As a key supplier to the NHS, PHE and other critical life science sectors during the Covid-19 crisis, LTE is committed to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of its sterilization, decontamination, as well as laboratory thermal equipment including incubators, ovens and drying and solution/blanket warming cabinets.

Our UK production site remains fully operational and can offer some products from stock or on shortened lead times. Our Service Centre is continuing to operate a UK-wide team of engineers to carry out a full range of maintenance, service and testing to UKAS and HTM guidelines on both LTE and non-LTE brands of laboratory autoclaves, porous load sterilizers and washer-disinfectors.

HPO Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers

The HPO range of Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizers are designed for the sterilization of heat-sensitive devices

LTE have partnered with Spanish manufacturer Matachana to exclusively supply their range of Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide & Plasma sterilizers to the UK market.

Available in two sizes the HPO range has a plug and play model with a 52 Litre chamber and a 143 Litre standalone unit which is also available as a pass-through unit.

The HPO has been specifically designed for the safe sterilization of heat-sensitive devices including non-lumened instruments, endoscopes and Da Vinci Optics. It is compatible with over 7000 devices, and for additional peace of mind users can access the Compatibility Finder software to ensure their device can be safely sterilized and the best cycle to use for sterilization.

Chamber Capacities: 52 Litres (50HPO) and 143 Litres (130HPO)
Pass-Through: Available on the 130HPO
Chamber Section: Rectangular
Loading: Front

See below for key features and popular options

Key Features

Popular Options

Touchscreen Control Panel
User friendly touch panel with simplified controls allows for easy selection of required cycle, backlit panel allows for easy visibility of cycle progress even from a distance.
Thermal Printer
Comes as standard with integrated thermal printer allowing users to print out the cycle parameters validation purposes.
Internal Data Archiving
Both HPO models are equipped with automatic electronic data archiving. This comprises of an internal data storage facility which allows up to 1000 cycles to be stored internally.
Remote Data Archiving
A remote data archiving facility via USB is included so that all cycle data, including any fault or alarm conditions, can be downloaded to a PC and permanently recorded.
BluKat® Solution
BluKat® containers provide up to 30 cycles per container, once inserted into the machine the solution will last a guaranteed 30 days thanks to the integrated refrigeration system. Unopened the containers last up to 18 months.
Each BluKat® container has its own RFID tag allowing for easy traceability via the HPO control panel, including batch number and expiration date of the container, number of cycles remaining and the remaining validity of the container.
Da Vinci Compliant
Compliant with Da Vinci optics devices.
Plug & Play (50HPO)
The 50HPO comes with plug & play mobility thanks to the integrated mobile support table allowing for easy transitioning between areas where required.
Fast Cycle Times
Fitted with a high performance vacuum pump to significantly speed up cycle times, controls are pre-set with three programs including a rapid program with a cycle time of just 35 minutes.

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