Labclave Autoclave


The Labclave 23 is LTE Scientific’s low-cost 23-litre laboratory autoclave.

With 8 preset cycles plus one programmable cycle, Labclave 23 has been designed to offer effective and fast sterilization of many laboratory load types, and taking up a floor area of just 460mm x 395mm, Labclave 23 has to be one of the most compact units available.

Our Labclave 23 offers custom safety features including pressure, temperature and timed door safety systems to ensure the door cannot be opened until the chamber has reached atmospheric pressure and 90C.

Suitable for many laboratory sterilization applications, the Labclave 23 is one of the smaller units offered by LTE Scientific with same reliability and flexibility of larger sterilization autoclaves.

Autoclave Capacity: 23 litres
Section: Cylindrical
Loading: Top
Heating Source: In-chamber heaters



Key Features

  • High grade stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Push-button door closure
  • Flexible control system
  • Post Vacuum system
  • Air Cooled Condensate Unit Cooling Options
  • Built-in printer

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