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With a global reputation for providing high quality, reliable products, LTE Scientific is one of the most established and well-respected manufacturers of laboratory equipment in the UK.

With over 75 years of industry experience, we are synonymous with precision, high quality, and exceptional customer service.

We are a trusted partner for laboratories, healthcare facilities, research institutions an­­d industrial settings worldwide.

LTE Scientific offers a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment designed to meet the diverse needs and demands of professionals across a range of specialist sectors.

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Autoclaves, sterilisers, and washer disinfectors


We specialise in the manufacture of autoclaves for general laboratory use, as well as for specialised applications in processes and high-security environments.


Standard sizes range from 23 to over 1,000-litres and come with either a cylindrical or square-section chamber. A wide range of options are available alongside expert advice allowing us to tailor each autoclave to meet any requirement.

With a solutions-based attitude, we take a consultative approach with each project and as such we can also design and manufacture bespoke autoclaves with specific features and chamber sizes up to 10,000-litres.

In addition to our wide range of autoclaves we offer a range of loading equipment, from manual loading trolleys up to fully automated loading systems which require little or no manual intervention, from leading European loading manufacturer Remeda improving efficiencies and ergonomic safety.


Having partnered with leading disinfection specialists KEN hygiene, we are able to offer a range of sustainable washer-disinfectors from under-bench 170-litre to large free standing models with a capacity of over 400-litres.

KEN washer-disinfectors play a crucial role in preventing contamination by cleaning and decontaminating laboratory glassware and medical instruments.

Thermal products

Laboratory ovens


We were established as a designer and manufacturer of laboratory ovens, incubators, and other temperature-controlled products way back in 1947. Based on our long-standing expertise, LTE ovens are renowned for  precise temperature control and uniform heat distribution and are widely used in laboratory research, pharmaceutical, and industrial processes for tasks such as drying, curing, and various  heat-treatment applications.


Environmental Chambers


Our Environmental chambers are used to create closely controlled temperature and RH conditions for testing and research. We provide a range of environmental chambers that can replicate climatic conditions which materials, equipment and pharmaceuticals may be exposed to, even in the most demanding of states for stability testing.


Our environmental rooms are suitable for many applications including stability testing for pharmaceutical products, food shelf-life testing, preservation testing, incubation, large-scale BOD testing and more.


Using a modular method of construction, we specialise in designing and building completely bespoke environmental rooms to suit customer-specific requirements. Sizes range from small reach-in cabinets to large scale rooms.



LTE Scientific’s incubators are designed for the cultivation and growth of microorganisms, cells, and tissues. Focussing on solid build quality and reliable performance, our incubators are available in sizes from 60 – 1000-litres with a wide operating temperature range.


Drying Cabinets


Offering maximum flexibility and unparalleled performance, our range of drying cabinets are designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s laboratories and process facilities, delivering accurate and consistent results, including our eco-drying DC range, built to reduce carbon footprints by using up to 70% less electricity

The scientific equipment industry is continuously evolving, driven by advancements in technology, increasing demand for research and healthcare services, and the need for more efficient and reliable laboratory equipment.


Our equipment plays a vital role across these sectors and we are at the forefront of this evolution, constantly innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of the scientific and healthcare sectors.


Our products adhere to strict quality control standards and we offer comprehensive customer support, including servicing and maintenance, to ensure the longevity and reliability of our equipment.


We’re also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our products through energy-efficient designs and responsible manufacturing practices. This dedication aligns with the growing global focus on sustainability within the scientific equipment industry.

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