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LTE Launches New Training Centre

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LTE is delighted to announce the launch in April 2016 of its new Training Centre.

As one of Europe’s leading providers of sterilization and endoscope storage solutions, LTE is also committed to providing a wide range of first class training courses.
We offer a range of standard and tailored training courses for managers, technicians and operators of autoclaves and endoscope storage cabinets.
All our courses have been designed to offer practical and sound experience in the relevant subject area. The content of our courses can be applied across many brands.
Once completed successfully, each course member will receive a course-specific certificate.

Getting the maximum operational efficiency and compliance out of your equipment is becoming more important as is the need to keep up with ever-changing requirements and standards.
Ensuring that your machine is used efficiently and kept in the best operational condition possible will help to maximise throughout and minimise possible downtime.
Our training courses aim to achieve different goals depending on your requirements, such as: ●   Professional development ●   Maximising equipment up-time ●   Reducing service/maintenance charges ●   Cycle efficiency ●   Cycle and operator safety

We offer a complete training suite with a range of fully functional multi-purpose and porous load sterilizers. Various monitoring systems are available including Eurotherm and TQ Soft.
In addition we also have a range of endoscope storage cabinets available.
We can offer individual places or a dedicated course, depending on your requirements.
Alternatively, on-site courses can be arranged. Our qualified trainers will visit your site and carry out training on your equipment.

LTE Invited to Speak at Endoscopy 2016 in Kuala Lumpur

LTE at Endoscopy 2016 exhibitionLTE recently supported its Malaysian Distributor, DKSH by attending the Endoscopy 2016 Exhibition which was held at the University of Malaya Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur from 8th to 10th April. UMMC is a recognised WEO Centre of Excellence.
As the main annual forum of its type, this event attracted endoscopy clinicians and specialists from Malaysia and overseas.

The issue of post-disinfection drying and storage of endoscopes is becoming an important consideration in Malaysia, and LTE were pleased to exhibit a model from it’s popular Scope-Store range, which dries the disinfected endoscopes and can store them for up to 14 days with the need for re-processing. Greg Godeau, LTE’s International Sales Manager was also invited to give a talk to all the delegates on the subject of post-disinfection scope storage.

Greg commented ‘We have already seen Scope-Store establish itself in Hong Kong, with over 40 installations, so my presentation at this prestigious event was a great opportunity to outline the benefits of our Scope-Store range. Having seen the level of interest at the Exhibition, I am certain that Scope-Store will soon become a common sight in Malaysian Endoscopy departments’.

LTE’s distributor in Malaysia, DKSH is a major Regional supplier of medical and pharmaceutical equipment in Malaysia and has a nationwide network of sales and service staff, ensuring the best possible levels of care for their customers.

Scope-Store Triumphs Again in Hong Kong

01b with reflectionsLTE, working closely with its Hong Kong Distributor, Deltason Medical has won one of the largest single tenders ever awarded in South East Asia for endoscope drying and storage cabinets.

The order, worth over £300K will see 22 Scope-Store cabinets installed in a number of Hospitals in Hong Kong over the next 4 months. This latest order comes on the back other Scope-Store sales in Hong Kong over the last couple of years, taking LTE’s total installed base to over 40.

Once reprocessed, endoscopes should be used within 4 hours unless stored in a validated drying/Storage cabinet. LTE’s Scope-Store allows reprocessed endoscopes to be stored for up to 14 days. This is achieved by flushing HEPA filtered air through the cabinet and scope channels to ensure that the endoscope is quickly dried and that its conditions are maintained throughout the storage period.

An easy to use touchscreen control system provides detailed information on the storage cycle and fully monitors/reports the cycle data. Scope and user information are inputted either via the touchscreen, bar-code readers or RFI.

The units bound for Hong Kong are all the 8-scope shelf loaded models, both single entry and pass-through. Other models in the LTE range include 5 and 10-scope vertical hang models and a range of ENT cabinets which can accommodate up to 20 scopes.

Greg Godeau, LTE’s International Sales Manager commented “This is a great success for both Deltason and LTE. The order was won against stiff competition, and our success here cements our position in the Hong Kong market.”