The Importance of Data Archiving In Autoclaves

Cycle Recording and Data Archiving In Autoclaves.

Most laboratories now require some form of cycle record and historical data for internal traceability and audit trails. The options available here are many. The most popular is to fit a data printer, which should be capable of printing load and chamber temperatures, load pressures, cycle data and cycle status (pass/fail), in line with GLP requirements.

In addition, graphic recorders are also available to provide a ‘verification’ of the data printers data.

Some autoclaves can now incorporate internal or remote data archiving systems which will store data onto a memory stick/internal flashcard or download direct to a PC. Chart recorders are still a tried and trusted method for recording cycle data. These now come in a multitude of guises including multi-pen recorders and also graphic types, which again can be downloaded to a PC.